Join us and dine with dim sum and seafood


A decent option for dim sum in Monterey Park. Although the servers here spoke Mandarin as opposed to Cantonese when I stopped by (a red flag in terms of authenticity), the dim sum itself was decent and on point.

Staples like the har gow, pork siu mai, and cheong fun were all decently portioned and of good quality given the prices. $15-20 per person is more than enough for a very filling meal, and you could probably do better than that in a large group if you order some larger entrees to share.

Service is efficient and the overall venue is quite clean and comfortable. A nice, cool stop on a hot summer day, and a nice find thanks to all you Yelpers out there!


Once again we have managed to out do ourselves by ordering 20 dim sum dishes. Is it possible to eat so much? Absolutely!

This is one of many the top notch dim sum houses in the Sgv. Competition is certainly wiping out the long lines that use to plague all of the dimsum places. We got in fairly quickly at 12.00pm for a table ten. All the items seems to be more delicious than usual. Oversalting seems to be a big problem here but perhaps over consumption of food may be the bigger problem. Severe thirst and bloating follows after the big meal. Well, that goes with with eating too many saucy dishes that were laden salt and sometimes msg.


First time going to eat early dim sum
with my family for Mother’s Day weekend. My parents have been raving about how great this place was and I suggested early breakfast here together. We arrived at 9am sharp, having no wait (which was perfect) since Mother’s Day weekend is expected to be crazy packed at most Asian dim sum locations. I definitely was surprised of how fancy this place was, it’s not your usual dim sum spot where you’ll see lots of people pushing hot carts and asking if you want something in those metal tins. Instead, we received a paper order form and pencil to place our order choices. They had an English side and a Chinese side too!

We ordered some bbq pork buns, har gow, shumai, crispy rice paper rolls, chicken feet, xiaolongbao, a side of Chinese broccoli.

I have to say my top choices for dim sum at this place would be the har how and Shumai. Both are very juicy and plump, the quality of the meat definitely stands out and you can taste how fresh was. The hot tea served was delicious and tasted like a mixture of jasmine +chrysanthemum tea. Iced Water is served in glasses!


Elite restaurant was amazing! Get the pork Shui-mai and crystal shrimp har gow. Skip the fried taro but definitely get the sweet egg buns. Six dishes and tea for $28 with tax. No wait at all at 2:00 pm. Amazing staff. Easy menu with pictures and multiple languages. Will be back for sure!


i had dim sum with my co workers. The quality of the food was very good. we ordered over $350 worth of food and tried a great variety of dishes. only one of the dishes was in need of a little help but i was VERY impressed.

I wil be back!


Can only rate the dim sum. One of the best shumai I have had in SoCal. Also the noodle with breaded shrimp inside was different from how most restaurants prepare it and was a delightful surprise. Everything else is comparable to the area.


This dim sum is legit. We went pretty late on a Sunday and luckily got a # before they stopped receiving customers. We’ve waited for about 30 mins and was finally seated. It was about 45 mins before they were closed for lunch, yet ppl were still coming in and you can see servers running around. However, the service was slow for us. We’ve waited a bit for someone to take our order (which you check what you want on this long sheet of paper and they bring it out dish by dish as they’re ready), and boxes and check out. But the food did came out promptly. Dishes were fresh and hot, the Shui-Mai and Shrimp Har Gaw were humongous! Comes in set of 4 and we thought it was small, so we ordered two orders of each… 1 order was definitely enough for two, lol.